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From our family to yours.

Getting a Lakewood Dog means you are not alone when it comes to help, education and experience in raising dogs.  We are here as your lifeline for the life of your Lakewood Doodle.

Our family is proud to have the opportunity to serve so many with our quality puppies as companion pets. We operate as mostly a referral client base.

Keep in mind- we breed calm dogs that we find are best suited for family life. We have had many inquiries on breeding miniature

Ours are all mediums- 40-55 lbs.

which litter you will end up in will be depending on the coat style (f 1 or f 1b) and colour you choose and how many puppies in each litter.

We reach out when we have a puppy for you available that matches the description of what you’re looking for and at that time we send you parents info and dates.

You can reserve on the 'GO ON WAITLIST' page by sending a deposit and filling out the form.

Tell us on your reservation your wish list of coat style, colour and sex and we will do our best to match you with a puppy.

We will REACH OUT to you when a puppy that fits your wish list. Please WAIT for US to contact you.

Could be a cancellation or a puppy born in the next while.

We will contact you to set up an appointment

To VISIT your puppy AT 6 weeks and pick up at 8 week appointments.

About Waiting for a Puppy....

Waiting for a quality puppy is worth the wait! Rarely do reputable breeders have puppies just sitting waiting for you to go get today.  Remember you get what you pay for.  Trust in our knowledge and experience to help you be successful as a dog owner.  


What a wonderful dog our puppy grew into and the joy she has brought our family.

We adopted our adorable Mimsy from Lakewood Ranch June 2018. She is super sweet, snuggly, funny and incredibly smart. It is impossible to pick one photo of her because she is so cute and always by our side--whether we are on an adventure or on the couch! She makes every day sweeter and we feel so lucky to have her.

Russ and Heather


Eevee is a wonderful dog. She just turned one and is very friendly, loving, curious and smart. 

She has given us much joy and we know she will continue to do so. 

She loves walks and cuddles she is not an aggressive dog at all, she plays with all dogs and humans



Just a quick of my 

2 Lakewood doodles 

playing in the backyard.

They get along so well together...

the best decision

 was to get a 2nd doodle.



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