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We have puppies 

ready to go home!


We researched breeders for many months before deciding on Lakewood and we are so glad we did. We waited about 5 months for our F1 goldendoodle. Our wait was only slightly longer than anticipated and the family members were always very responsive when we requested an update. We knew Lakewood was a quality breeder after reviewing the information on their website and experiencing first hand their dedication to educating their dog owners. The staff were wonderful at our 6 week visit and 8 week pick up. They ensured we were well prepared and supported before we took our beautiful Fleury home with us. The weekly pictures and videos were such a nice gesture. Fleury is now 5 months old and we can't say enough positive things about her. She is very smart and responsive to training so far. She is sweet, affectionate, playful and a little goofy sometimes. We couldn't have asked for a dog with a more wonderful personality. Thank you Lakewood for a great experience!




Great experience with this breeder. Support and education has been tremendous. Our doodle is exactly what we asked for. Hands down the family who run this ranch are dedicated and professional. Highly recommend visiting them to plan your next dog purchase.


If you’re reading my review, trust me , these people are FABULOUS, FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL, PROFESSIONAL, LOVING , and their personalities reflect on the dogs they breed . A dog is a life long commitment, companion , a family member, choose your breeder wisely because this will be the family baby you’re bringing home . I loved the entire experience of dealing with Lakewood Ranch !!!

Vanessa, Syd, Lin …. They created a life long bond in my heart ! I bought the most gorgeous golden doodle, healthy happy beautiful !!! I was worth the drive from Ottawa !!!! Their Ranch has everything it needs to ensure their dogs are at their happiness and well maintained in all aspects. They even have a teaching class one on one to teach you how to raise your puppy to its fullest healthy happy potential.

Thank you