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Lakewood Doodle Rescue

We are available to take in surrendered doodles from anyone- no questions asked - and we will rehabilitate and retrain the dog to be suitable for a new family.  New owners are screened and often require a home visit.  If you know someone who is struggling with a doodle or needs to find a place to surrender one to please call us.  We will arrange a pick up.  If you are looking for a rescue- or rehome dog - check regularly to see available dogs.

Here is some advise.....

We want help you find your Next Best Friend....

When adopting a dog...

he/she has to re-establish - or learn to establish new trust and re-learn new communication and new schedules - cared for adult dog. They will need to be fully integrated into the family so that they feel comfortable and settle in. A rehomed older dog is sometimes somewhat trained and sometimes have some communication skills; all based on the previous owners protocols.

Rescue/rehome dogs are kept in individual suites in our kennel and are socialized on a very regular basis with our staff or family and also people visiting as well as their children.

Our kennel dogs get along with most other dogs a variety of people they come in contact with and are very affectionate.

Our dogs have their own suite and own backyard and know to go outside to toilet by using the dog door when. When adopted/ they will require you to work out a system/ using a bell so that they can let you know when they need out.

Like any adult dog learning the rules in your home, there is a learning curve.

We prefer our rehome & rescue dogs to go to a home where there is time for them during the day to have some companionship time.

Best timing to get a dog is during your regular work pattern or schedule. Taking off a month or two to “train” your dog only results in having to “re-train your dog again to get used to the NEW schedule. Much harder on the dog and you. A few days to get him used to being alone a bit at a time and using a crate is suggested.


DOB March 6 2019

F1 Goldendoodle

She is quiet.  Takes time to trust new people.  Needs a person who is confident and has dogs before.  She would be happy with someone who had day time available to her instead of being left in a crate daily.

Sally came to us when she was a few months old.  She was from a mennonite breeder which explains her lack of social skills.  With time, she has come out of her shell with us. 

Adoption fee: $1200  

she is up to date on her shots.


We happily take in rescues and rehome doodles.

What our customers are saying

Our adult dog we adopted from Lakewood is like our family member.  Can't remember life without hime.

Rajesh D.