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The Doodle Story

We love every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born

1980s... a chance breeding starts a whole new trend in dog breeding.  Standard Poodle hybrid popularity has increased each year since the Labradoodle and later Goldendoodle were found to be hardier, smarter and low shedding.  Allergy concerns and breed specific health problems were reduced; the poodle hair and intelligence combined with the retriever, a companion-minded people-pleaser, proved to be a very popular combination.  Both standard poodles and retrievers are not prey driven or high strung working dogs.  They are companion style, approval seeking animals.

Both breeds are water lovers and prefer social activities.  They are NOT hyper like working dogs such as Aussies or Dobermans who need constant mental work or they get bored and destructive.

Why a Retriever Doodle?

Why people are choosing A goldendoodle over a golden retriever?

A Labradoodle over a Lab?  Adding the poodle brings intelligence, structure and nonshedding coat to this amazing hybrid combination.  They love people!  Big and small.  


-Less time training.

-Less shedding.

-Less work. 

Our Retriever doodles are excellent companion dogs and are considered the calmest of the 'doodle' combinations.

They shed less than retrievers.

They are calmer than an aussiedoodle.

They are quieter than a cockapoo.

They are smaller than a bernadoodle.

They are self entertaining and independent.

They bark less than miniature doodles.


They are both retriever breeds so there are many similarities.

A golden Retriever is usually longer than a lab and looks much bigger and has a more bushier tail or a wavy hair when compared to a lab. Both shed a lot and grooming is essential to prevent matting. The Labrador has a short double coat; the golden has a double coat - one long one short. 

Both shed their under coat making them not very allergy friendly.

Both need to be brushed at least twice a week to remove the dead hair. 

Both have webbed paws and hence are excellent swimmers.

The personality of a lab can vary from one another but almost all labs are fun 

loving and outgoing. They are very friendly with the children and can play most of the day but do love their naps. The lab can be trained easily to perform various tasks right from fetching the newspaper to hunting. The golden retriever is more calmer but is very eager to please it's owners so training them is easy too. However they aren't as athletic or enthusiastic a Labrador. They also love to be around people and other dogs alike.

A Labrador makes a good watch dog and will bark at the sight of any intruder. However it is poor guard dog. The golden is not a good watch dog and can make friends with a stranger very quickly. Hence guarding is out.

1. Curly Teddy Bear Doodles


F 1 b  F2 b  F3 b (b means breedback to a doodle)

all are more poodle than retriever  could be 

25% retriever   /  75% poodle      OR     37 retriever /  63 poodle.

Hypo and super low shed  •  Curly teddy bear look  •  Longer legs  •  Slighter body frame

F1b is created from a combination of a poodle and an f1 OR f2

F2b is created from an f1 x f1b or f2 x poodle

F3b varying combinations of doodles.

We create ONLY f1b (first generation) - the strongest immunity combination.

F1b F2b F3b (b means breedback to a doodle)

all are more poodle than retriever

could be - 25% retriever/75% poodle

or 37 retriever/63 poodle.

Hypo and super low shed

Curly teddy bear look

Longer legs. Slighter body frame

F1b is created from a combination of a poodle and an f1 OR f2

F2b is created from an f1 x f1b or f2 x poodle

F3b varying combinations of doodles.

3. Smooth face - 

Loose wavy body

A loose wave but a retriever face - 50% retriever/50%  usually a shaggy type of look 

some SHEDDING • Loose curl/wavy type coat 

 • Shorter legs. Thicker body mass /muscle




about 35-55 lbs.  The Back of the dog comes up to your knee.

Stay away from MINI doodles!!!

The truth about the poorly behaved cute little doodles.....

Miniature doodles are created using a MINIATURE OR TOY POODLE -   they are not the same personality as the calm natured standard or moyen poodle.  Miniatures are known to be insecure, needy, noisy like many small breed dogs.  They can be FEAR BITERS - not the best pet for your family and CHILDREN.

MINIATURE DOODLES end up with a split personality -  like a bipolar personality 

because of the two opposite personalities of the parents.  



We breed ONLY medium sized dogs, which the 

back of the dog comes up to your knee, around 40-50 lbs.