About Us.... and our Holistic Approach

We are Holistic breeders of retriever doodles.  We are proud of buiilding a greener dog.  We focus on improving the immune system of our dogs by promoting  Proper nutrition; reduced exposure to chemicals; reducing over exposure to vaccinations and introducing natural treatments for parasites, fleas and ticks.  We believe education and support for new pet owners helps new adoptions be more successful and with less failed adoptions.

Our approach is to breed smaller framed animals - medium size - to reduce stress on hips and joints.  We breed a hybrid to increase the likelyhood of a heathier dog with a better immune system than purebred breeds.  With years of inline breeding, purebred breeds suffer from reduced immune systems and chronic breed specific health issues.  With the introduction of stock from new lines from europe and other areas in the world, we strengthen the immune system with diversity, and we DO NOT breed ANY related animals.  The size we breed is medium also, because of the poodle element.  We do not use MINIATURE poodles because of their undesireable personality and mentality; which is the polar opposite of a retriever temperment.  Breeding a miniature and a retriever often results in an unpredictable size outcome AND a bi-polar personality which cannot be trusted.

We are very happy to have you visit us and learn more about us, our dogs and our Ranch.

This facility is extremely well organized. We picked up our labradoodle on Saturday, September 16, 2017 and we were totally satisfied with our puppy. He is extremely well tempered and mature for his age. We cannot be more pleased. Thank you Lakewood Ranch Doodles.

P.S. The staff were extremely helpful.

A. Cousinneau