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Our Puppies

We love every minute of our journey

We breed for a nice loveable Temperment

These pups have calm personalities; well socialized, breeder support. Shedding is low and they are often allergy friendly, good family pets who love the water, long walks, and are faithful companions. come meet mom and dad. - great family pets - great with kids - easy to train. This hybrid brings together companion minded breeds; who are driven to seek your approval; they are not prey driven; they sleep over 60% of their life and can self entertain quite well.

We breed for Health and Temperament !! They are ready to go home not before 8 weeks of age; as the time after weaning is important to their social development amongst their peers. They learn consequences from their siblings and mother. They mature during that time to be more outgoing and independent. We socialize just enough to have a well behaved dog who can self entertain with toys or a good bone; reducing separation anxiety.

Medium Size

We only Breed medium sized with laid back goldenretriever-personality dogs without the shedding or heavy wet dog smell that comes with Golden Retrievers.

We breed only MEDIUM SIZED 35 - 55 lbs - unlike 80-100 lb standard doodles.

Our Mediums are mostly quiet playful dogs who like to cuddle as well as outdoor activities like swimming.

They are NOT like miniature poodles who are much more demanding, bark more and are known to be more needy.