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The HYBRID Story

We love every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born

1980s... a chance breeding starts a whole new trend in dog breeding.  Poodle hybrid popularity has increased each year since the first hybrids to spaniels and retrievers were found to be hardier, smarter and low shedding.  Allergy concerns and breed specific health problems were reduced; the poodle hair and intelligence combined with the retriever, a companion-minded people-pleaser, proved to be a very popular combination.  Both components of our hybrids are not high strung working dogs.  They are companion style, approval seeking animals.  The American cocker spaniel is very affectionate and great with kids.  The size is ideal to be a companion for seniors and families alike.  American cocker spaniels, Labrador retrievers and Golden retrievers were once top favourite breed in North America... until HYBRIDS were born.

These breeds are water lovers and prefer social activities.  They are NOT hyper like working dogs such as Aussies or Dobermans who need constant mental work or they get bored and destructive.

Why a Lakewood Dog?

Why people are choosing A goldendoodle over a golden retriever?

A Cockapoo over a Cocker Spaniel?

Adding the poodle brings intelligence, structure and nonshedding coat to this amazing hybrid combination.  They love people!  Big and small.  


-Less time training.

-Less shedding.

-Less work. 

Our dogs are excellent companion dogs and are considered the calmest of the 'hybrid' combinations.

They shed less than retrievers and spaniels

They are calmer than an aussiedoodle.

They are smaller than a bernadoodle.

They are self entertaining and independent.

They bark less than Yorkiepoo.