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So you are getting a puppy.....

Here's a few tips and tricks to help you build a better pup..... 

work that pays off for the life of the dog.

The words....

December 2014

Choose words to use as commands - its a household decision.  Consistent words used helps your dog learn faster. Such as using OFF or DOWN to get him to stop jumping on you.

Also,  Use his name in front of every command.  Example SAM SIT.  SAM STAY.  SAM OFF.

Decide on your words list and put them up on the fridge for all to see. 

Nipping Nipping 

in the bud

Learn how to train your puppy to stop biting and show him you are in charge.



Learn how to train your puppy to be potty trained with a bell

Are you ready 

to get a dog?

Learn how to keep your dog safe, healthy and happy

Positive reward training

Just say yes to training your dog with treats and praise

Chewing and Destruction

Learn how to train your puppy to stop chewing and destroying

Leaving your dog at home alone

Learn how to train your puppy to stay home alone

Crate Training

Learn how to train your puppy to use a crate

Getting a Trainers Help

Learn how to train your puppy from a dog trainer

A day with a puppy.....

An average day with a puppy

How to get your puppy from biting!

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Training your dog to ring a bell to go outside really works!

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