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Life at the ranch...

  • A few things about us....
  • Our puppies are raised on our 96 Acres ranch outside of Lindsay Ontario
  • The dogs enjoy 75 acres of forest Trails to roam, fields to run, pond for swimming.
  • Each dog has it’s own bedroom with private run.
  • We socialize our dogs daily.
  • We take a holistic, natural approach wherever possible
  • For parasites we use diatomaceous earth for flea and ticks
  • We feed HOLISTIC KIBBLE supplemented with RAW diet and beef marrow bones
  • When possible we use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions when sanitizing and cleaning our breeding environment.
  • We have 14 + years experience
  • Grooming studio on site.

A short video about us

The ranch is a Licensed Breeding and Boarding Facility in the City of Kawartha Lakes. Our 96 acres is 75 acres of trails in the forest and 20 acres of fields, great for running the dogs and walking mothers.

Our Kennel has great outdoor big open fenced areas for our dogs to run and play.  We have a big swiming dog pond out back and a personal whelp suite for each mom.


Exercise and Fun

We love every minute of our journey

We have ample space for the dogs on the ranch.  Each dog has it's own bedroom and private run.  Our Kennel is more like our 'hangout'.  We spend all day having fun with the dogs.

Forest Walks

The ranch has 75 acres of forest trails and 20 Acres of meadow to have fun in. The dogs don't get tired of walking the beautiful trails.

Running in the Meadow

We run our dogs in the fields, having fun on the atv in all seasons. There is nothing like watching a dog run free, full tilt. Their smile is from ear to ear....

Charlie's Swimming Pond

We offer a chance for swimming for our dogs in the doggie swimming pond, in the warmer months. They enjoy retrieving in the water and swimming is great exercise.  Our beloved Charlie is buried near the gazebo.  Gone but not forgotten.

Our Boutique

We have a new outdoor porch area for visiting puppies, a new reception area, DOGGIE BOUTIQUE  - Lakewood Pet Boutique .com

and indoor lounge for visiting puppies.  Marley's pond is also a puppy visiting area, surrounded by grass, with chairs for visiting puppies on a nice day. Our dog walk around the pond is a great place to walk our puppy.

Welcome to..... LAKEWOOD RANCH

Premium Breeders of Doodles & Cockapoos